Monday, August 21, 2006

The Making of...

... my first Hallowig. Ta-da!

I started Friday during my lunch break and Friday evening I got this much done - took me about 3 hours to get to the part where you add the bangs.

Hallowig - Friday evening

I am using Araucania Nature Wool - it's a 100% wool and the color is a variegated blue. I bought two balls a while back on sale (what else) and I had no clue what to do with it. Until now... ;-) I am knitting with my new Knitpicks needles, size US #7 - I like them because they are very pointy.

Then on Saturday I added the bangs:

Hallowig - Saturday morning

And then I finished the wig on Sunday - it went really fast. I'd say it took about 6 hours in total.

So - here is my Halloween outfit ;-)

Hallowig - from the front

Don't I look fab with the wig and the boa?... ROFL!

Have a great week - let's see what you're doing!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How to Get Started


Please get the pattern for the Hallowig here.

And here is some information from the original pattern to get you started:

One size fits all/Adult

8 inches wide at widest point when flat (unstretched)
11 inches long when flat

Red Heart Kids [100% acrylic; 5oz.]; color: Pink, shade 2734
1 pair US #8/5mm needles
1 set of 5 US #8/5mm double-pointed needles OR
2 US #8/5mm circular needles (any length)
4 stitch markers, 2 each of 2 different colors
Tapestry needle

Just FYI - if you want to decrease your stash for this project, these are the specifics for Red Heart® Kids™ Yarn:

100% acrylic
4-ply light worsted-weight yarn.
5 oz. (141 gr.) - approx. 290 yds.
Gauge in stockinette stitch with size US 8 needles: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4".

I have some stash yarn in mind that is a variegated blue. Can't wait to get started. I'll keep ya posted!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the knit-along still open?
This knit-along is open. Depending on how much fun we have, it'll stay open or it'll be closed after Halloween 2006.

2. How do I join the knit-along?
Send me an email. If you have a specific e-mail address you would like me to use to sign you up, please include it in your email. Otherwise, I will use the e-mail address you used to contact me.

3. What happens when I send an e-mail to join?
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7. Where can I find the pattern you talk about?
You can find the free pattern at It is the Hallowig.


This Knit-A-Long is for those crazy knitters out there who are interested in knitting something fun for Halloween this year. My super-duper knitting buddy Pixie had the great idea to knit the Hallowig. So I thought - hey, maybe somebody else - besides the two of us - would be interested in a Knit-A-Long. So, there. Join us!!!

If you're interested, please send an email. I'll send you an invitation to join this blog, and you can post as much - or as little - as you wish. At least, we hope to see an introductory (who you are and what materials you'll use) and a post once you finish your HALLOWIG.

Have fun! And happy knitting - ALWAYS!!!

Note: We are in not associated with
All photos of the Hallowig are property of and
pattern & images © 2004 Megan Reardon.
More information can be found by clicking the pattern link.