Thursday, August 17, 2006


This Knit-A-Long is for those crazy knitters out there who are interested in knitting something fun for Halloween this year. My super-duper knitting buddy Pixie had the great idea to knit the Hallowig. So I thought - hey, maybe somebody else - besides the two of us - would be interested in a Knit-A-Long. So, there. Join us!!!

If you're interested, please send an email. I'll send you an invitation to join this blog, and you can post as much - or as little - as you wish. At least, we hope to see an introductory (who you are and what materials you'll use) and a post once you finish your HALLOWIG.

Have fun! And happy knitting - ALWAYS!!!

Note: We are in not associated with
All photos of the Hallowig are property of and
pattern & images © 2004 Megan Reardon.
More information can be found by clicking the pattern link.


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