Sunday, September 24, 2006

I did restart

Now I see what it was talking about with a right and a wrong side, you could not tell when I had done it all 2 x 2 rib both sides started with k and ended with p. lol. I can hardly believe I had done that. I am glad you all talked about it and made it clear to me. Thank you. I am about 8 to 10 rows into it. However, I did find a second concern, before I frogged. I started it on my size 8 (5 mm) Crystal Place single points. Only I went to pull out my Denise Interchangeable to put it on circulars, as I prefer circulars. There is not a 5 mm. The size 8 are a 4.85 mm and look a good deal smaller. The size 9 Denise's are 5.2 mm and look much closer if not the same size to my eye. I am wondering what I should use, as my quick silvers size 8 getting lost was what made me quit knitting the very first time (20 years ago). (No money to buy more, and the store was gone when I finally could.) Of all the pairs I have been given 8 have been rare.


Blogger Claudia said...

Geez - I can't believe these needles vary that much. I would probably go with the Denise #8. Since you are starting a new section when you knit in the round and it looks a little different, then the different look is just part of the pattern. Thanks for sharing the info on the needles!

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