Thursday, September 21, 2006

A little help...

Hey Y'all -

I agree the transition from the straight knitting to knitting in the round is a little confusing. Here is a short explanation:

The wig pattern starts out with 3 knitted stitches on each side. When you get ready to knit in the round you will cast on 32 stitches between the existing 96 stitches. I used the recommended backward loop cast-on to get a stretchy edge.

When you join - and I know you'll be careful not to twist - your first stitch (which was previously one of the 3 knitted stitches) will be a purl stitch. When you work your way around to the other end of your wig and you come to the point of the beginning of the cast-on stitches, your last stitch (previously one of the 3 knitted stitches) will be purled.

Then you start to work the cast-on stitches as follows:
p1, k2, p2, etc... and you end with p1. The extra stitches that were at the beginning and end of the work up to this point become parts of purl ribs where the bangs join.

Now you should have *k2, p2* all the way around.

I hope this helps a little. Let me know if it doesn't or if you have any other questions.

I am so excited that y'all are posting about your progress - keep the pictures and updates coming!!!




Blogger velmalikevelvet said...

oh man, i am the world's biggest dork (again)! i didn't see the instructions that said that the 2x2 rib in *this* pattern is NOT the same as the 2x2 rib in every OTHER pattern. doh. so i don't have the 2 extra stitches. oh well, i've made it work w/ a standard 2x2, and it looks fine to me. one more wabi-sabi project, i guess. it's really fun, and i'll prolly make another, and will do that one 'right.'

7:15 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

I think you have the right attitude ;-) I have wabi-sabi projects as well. You just add your personal touch to it ;-)

8:20 AM  

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