Thursday, September 28, 2006

Casting on the bangs on

I thought I would give you and up date. I cast the bangs on, joined and knit one round tonight. It helps I finished my socks today, my carry around project. I thought I lost my extra 40" Denise cable taking my Hallowig away from the down stairs computer to the cross country meet today. Ds 15 years old found it where I asked him to look rather quickly, and I do not even need it. I was thinking I could do a magic loop with it since I did not have two sets of circulars the correct size. Any way being there for 4 hours I was glad I left it in the van. I spent most of the first hour and last 45 minutes in the van, the younger boys got cold out there. So I got some done on it then. Just the second part I got to knit, the first we were finishing up school work in the van. Now I am fearing this yarn will run out. I found a small ball that seems to match but it could get even stranger looking since I doubt that would finish it. I will see what I have in the drawer while doing laundry tomorrow.


Blogger Claudia said...

GREAT - Can't wait to see more pictures. I am sure magic loop will work just fine. Good tip - I'll try that for my next one.

4:00 PM  

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