Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here it Is

Those colors look great nice and loud. You are not alone in the making a second one department.

My son requested I make him a red and blue one.
Well he would like it one color with the other color in a R in the back. The problem is I am in trouble for stocking up on feltable wool. I have a couple of bulkys in red, and a couple of worsted's in blue.
I need to go look up the end of the pattern as I did not print it all at once. I was in t hurry to leave when printing. I did run out of lavender so it is lavender and pink. LOL My neighbor girl likes it. Maybe she will get it once I see what adjustments our Super Ram Fan (his high school) son wants.

I will have to think about making adjustments to put a R in it. Yes the school colors are scarlet red and light Columbian blue.

I finished. I see what you mean about it being loose! Will be making a second one with som adjustments. I think I would go down possibly even two needles sizes. I almost ran out of the pink I choose as well. I need to do some thing with my real hair. LOL So I could get a picture. Today may not bee good for that as dh is power washing the deck. I do not want to be near the flying pain chips and water. It is cool enough outside with out the water too.


Blogger Ang W. said...

I wonder why It is sitting up ponty like that?
I will have to add a differnt picture when I get to the right computeer. (The one with the pictures on it. )

8:53 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Your wig looks great - I like the two-color version. Mine sticks up, too. I have to pull it down real tight. Maybe blocking will do the trick?

3:04 PM  

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