Saturday, September 30, 2006

how do you like my new haircut?:)

it looks little weird, and I wish I did longer bangs, but i kinda like it:) it looks better irl, I just couldn't get good photos, +my skin is horrible these days:) click ffor bigger:D

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Here it Is

Those colors look great nice and loud. You are not alone in the making a second one department.

My son requested I make him a red and blue one.
Well he would like it one color with the other color in a R in the back. The problem is I am in trouble for stocking up on feltable wool. I have a couple of bulkys in red, and a couple of worsted's in blue.
I need to go look up the end of the pattern as I did not print it all at once. I was in t hurry to leave when printing. I did run out of lavender so it is lavender and pink. LOL My neighbor girl likes it. Maybe she will get it once I see what adjustments our Super Ram Fan (his high school) son wants.

I will have to think about making adjustments to put a R in it. Yes the school colors are scarlet red and light Columbian blue.

I finished. I see what you mean about it being loose! Will be making a second one with som adjustments. I think I would go down possibly even two needles sizes. I almost ran out of the pink I choose as well. I need to do some thing with my real hair. LOL So I could get a picture. Today may not bee good for that as dh is power washing the deck. I do not want to be near the flying pain chips and water. It is cool enough outside with out the water too.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Checking In - TGIF

Hey Y'all -

Just wanted to send a quick wave from Buford, GA. Thank goodness it's Friday. I am so happy that we have this many knitters on board. Please share your pictures on your progress. I finally found some funky yarn - Caron Simply Soft Brites - that I am going to use for a second wig:

caron brites
I bought the BRIGHT green and I'll probably double-strand it and use a smaller size needle to make it a bit sturdier. I wasn't happy with the "floppyness" of the first wig I made - I think it was just too soft. I should have used acrylic. Oh well...

Thought I'd keep you updated. As soon as I start the second one, I'll post some pix.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: I added a counter for us and I found this cool skull clock for the side bar. Can you make out what time it is? Hehehe...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Casting on the bangs on

I thought I would give you and up date. I cast the bangs on, joined and knit one round tonight. It helps I finished my socks today, my carry around project. I thought I lost my extra 40" Denise cable taking my Hallowig away from the down stairs computer to the cross country meet today. Ds 15 years old found it where I asked him to look rather quickly, and I do not even need it. I was thinking I could do a magic loop with it since I did not have two sets of circulars the correct size. Any way being there for 4 hours I was glad I left it in the van. I spent most of the first hour and last 45 minutes in the van, the younger boys got cold out there. So I got some done on it then. Just the second part I got to knit, the first we were finishing up school work in the van. Now I am fearing this yarn will run out. I found a small ball that seems to match but it could get even stranger looking since I doubt that would finish it. I will see what I have in the drawer while doing laundry tomorrow.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I did restart

Now I see what it was talking about with a right and a wrong side, you could not tell when I had done it all 2 x 2 rib both sides started with k and ended with p. lol. I can hardly believe I had done that. I am glad you all talked about it and made it clear to me. Thank you. I am about 8 to 10 rows into it. However, I did find a second concern, before I frogged. I started it on my size 8 (5 mm) Crystal Place single points. Only I went to pull out my Denise Interchangeable to put it on circulars, as I prefer circulars. There is not a 5 mm. The size 8 are a 4.85 mm and look a good deal smaller. The size 9 Denise's are 5.2 mm and look much closer if not the same size to my eye. I am wondering what I should use, as my quick silvers size 8 getting lost was what made me quit knitting the very first time (20 years ago). (No money to buy more, and the store was gone when I finally could.) Of all the pairs I have been given 8 have been rare.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh no

I read the rows and then went down to the directions and started with the 2 x 2 ribbing. I think I will have to frog. Since I did not start with the K3 amd end with the P3. =-( Well, at least I am just about to 3", not up to the bags when I learned this. I think I will let my sons frog it in school tomorrow. The 10 year old was pretty frustrated today. It might help that.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A little help...

Hey Y'all -

I agree the transition from the straight knitting to knitting in the round is a little confusing. Here is a short explanation:

The wig pattern starts out with 3 knitted stitches on each side. When you get ready to knit in the round you will cast on 32 stitches between the existing 96 stitches. I used the recommended backward loop cast-on to get a stretchy edge.

When you join - and I know you'll be careful not to twist - your first stitch (which was previously one of the 3 knitted stitches) will be a purl stitch. When you work your way around to the other end of your wig and you come to the point of the beginning of the cast-on stitches, your last stitch (previously one of the 3 knitted stitches) will be purled.

Then you start to work the cast-on stitches as follows:
p1, k2, p2, etc... and you end with p1. The extra stitches that were at the beginning and end of the work up to this point become parts of purl ribs where the bangs join.

Now you should have *k2, p2* all the way around.

I hope this helps a little. Let me know if it doesn't or if you have any other questions.

I am so excited that y'all are posting about your progress - keep the pictures and updates coming!!!



Hello Hallowiggers!

Hi, I'm Velma, and I'm a Hallowigger too! I finally cast-on, and I'm about halfway; I started the bangs last night, although I may just have to frog 'em as it doesn't look quite right. Withholding judgement until I'm a few rows in.

Did anyone else have trouble with the "slip stitch at each end" instructions, and the row-by-row chart she provided? I'm probably just slow-witted, but my purl count appears off. Hmmm... I'm talking about the transition from "hair" to "bangs":

... kk pp kk pp kk pp kk pp kk ...
... kk pp kk pp kkk

Where are there three knit stitches?!? I feel so d.u.m.b. Any suggestions? Thanks, and happy knitting. (Oh, p.s., I wrote about knitting wigs of all kinds HERE, if you get bored).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Almost there

I have just a few more rows to knit:) oh, yes, i'm iva, and i'm frequently told that i looked better with longer hair, that's why i'm here:) i'm using some cheap(ish) yarn that i have bought here, in croatia. i'm holding 2 strands together, one is fuzzy 100% acrylic, other is plain blue, 15%wool, 85% acrylic. i hope i'll finish it today, but i must say that it looks better in knitty then on my head. Proof is here (click for bigger:):

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I had to modify pattern a bit, since my gauge is 12st/4", but i think it worked just fine:)

I cast on today

I was in starting some laundry putting away some yarn. So I looked though what I had and found a partially used skein from dh's favorite grandma who only crocheted, but did it a lot. It said to me make me into the Hallowig, so I pulled it out in the school room in the middle of school, pulled needles out of the drawer and cast on. One day I will get that room for my crafts. for the present the two oldest at home have confiscated it.

I only got two rows done today. I have four other projects I am in the midst of, actively working on. Two KAL's (no more than 3 days on one and 10 on the other) and one exchange.

I am making a light lavender. My 13 year old son agreed it would make a great wig, too, the 10 and 7 year old were not so convinced.

Photograph in the house it looked blue, out side was closer but a little too light or washed out.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nalo Meli and the Hallowig: Cast On!

Well, I did it. I rushed out and bought a circular 29 inch size 8 needle and some very bright yellow Red Heart yarn. I cast on and did two rows before Bible Study and then had to quit.

Think I can get it done before the Denton Heart Walk this weekend? HA!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I just learned about this KAL. I am excited to be here. I cannot start right away, but I hope too soon. I think I will go stash shopping and see what would be wild or I would not want to use for something else. LOL

I Loved the pattern when I first saw it but thought why would I make one of those. But why not just for the fun of it. =-) They boys, I have 5 sons will think I am nuts, of course they are correct. I am sort of new to this blogging stuff, so be patient with me.

Glad to be here.

Called by the Lord,
Ang W.

Gone Knitting

Y'all -

I am heading to Pigeon Forge, TN, tomorrow morning for a 3-day knitting weekend. I will check back with you on Monday. Have fun knitting! Post some pictures soon!

Have a great weekend & happy knitting!

Back from Outerspace and Ready to Go!

I started the wig... twice. The first incarnation was in white, which I quickly decided looked more "Little Old Lady" than "Platnum Starlet." So I frogged it.

I am working in a lovely yellow acrylic (Red Heart) right now and I hope to be able to give it a funny twist. Now, why oh why didn't I take THIS project to the beach with me instead of my lace shawl from hell?

I will have pictures of my progress very soon!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Giving Hallowig Another Try

First, Thanks, Claudia, for hosting this KAL! I've been looking for a KAL that I could join and not devote a month of my time & paychecks to!

Second, I'm looking forward to making this project. I actually started one last year, or maybe the year before? When the pattern was new on I got bored with the ribbing and gave up on it. I was making that one with the same yarn as the pattern calls for. I think I threw out or gave away that yarn this summer while purging, so this time it's looking like Lime Green might be the substitute. I can't see what everyone else is coming up with!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Hallowig

I just join and am very excited to knit the wig. I choose a bright royal blue. So far I have the back done and am starting on the bangs. I will have some pics soon.